Ergonomic Job Site Analysis

Ergonomic Job Site Analysis

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Performed by licensed physical therapists that are preferably certified in ergonomics. This analysis may be indicated to modify a work area, improve safety in the work setting, or resolve any problems regarding ability to return to, or continue at the employee’s present job.

An ergonomics job analysis is a valuable tool in evaluating risk factors present in a job and is based on industry-tested and scientifically validated risk assessment tools. For jobs with unacceptable risk levels, solutions are developed that may include:

  • The recommendation of proper postural correction
  • The alteration of seating or office setup
  • The set-up, modification or recommendation of assistive devices
  • Assessment and modification of current and potential risk factors associated with job duties

TRS offers reliable means of showing measurable results. Designed with your needs and flexibility in mind, is the TRS way.

It costs 200 to 400 times more in direct costs alone to help someone after they are injured than before. Prevention is the most inexpensive way of deterring workers compensation costs.

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