Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning

Determining Work Conditioning

A 1-4 hour physical reconditioning program designed to meet the occupational needs of the individual who demonstrates the potential to return to work, but is limited due to de-conditioning, restriction, or pain. A program is developed focusing on therapeutic techniques designed to reduce pain and muscular imbalances through functional, work simulation exercises specific to the occupational objective.

Therapeutic Rehab Specialists utilizes a goal oriented Work Conditioning Program, and has been recognized by many in the workers compensation industry as a preferred provider.  Our program is success driven with the goal of assisting injured workers with a safe transition to the workplace.

We have an aggressive “results-oriented” program which successfully assists injured workers back into productivity.  Our program helps deal with a worker’s physical limitation as well as some of the work related transition fears. By building confidence in these individuals we achieve an excellent success rate in returning individuals to their former position of employment.

Work Conditioning Components

  1. Set objective and reasonable goals for clients to reach in a four to eight week program.
  2. Performance based testing to determine current functional level.
  3. Communicate and coordinate with physician, adjuster, case manager, employer, and the employee.
  4. Work simulation activities that are specific to the return to work goal.
  5. Education on injury prevention and body mechanics.
  6. Strength Training and Aerobic Conditioning.

Work Conditioning Goals

  1. Enable the injured worker to become employable and an active member of the work force.
  2. Improve flexibility, strength, and aerobic conditioning levels.
  3. Improved functional abilities related to the “return to work” goal.
  4. Educate client in safety and pacing with work simulated activities.
  5. Provide client with a positive outlook when returning to the work force.

TRS Benefits

  1. (CEAS) All PT’s are certified in ergonomics
  2. Results Oriented
  3. Safe Work Transition
  4. Job Specific
  5. Functional Testing
  6. Work Simulation
  7. Mobility Strengthening
  8. Aerobic Conditioning
  9. Prevention Education
  10. Return to Work

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